Tom Culver

Culver is equally at home with Latin, jazz and samba rhythms. He has been orchestrated on tape by a group of top-class musicians. Culver also shows his lyrical savvy with two selections: “What Became of Yesterday” and “All in the Stars.” Culver, a boy, was captivated by the flickering images on the silverscreen as he sat in the dark of the small-town South Dakota movie palaces. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Donald O’Connor danced gracefully on lacquered dance floors together with their glamorous partners. He recalls that there was no teacher of voice or dance at the school, but he was a part of every high school musical and choral group. The sound of applause was very high. The Navy offered a ticket to the snow-covered plains. Tom returned from service and settled in Oakland, California. He discovered the Bay Area’s music and theater scene. After a series of deals with small labels, Tom signed with Dot Records. He cut his first singles. However, the company was acquired by Gulf Records, an international firm.

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