Tom Kessler

Tom was born in Guadalajara (Mexico) and began playing guitar when he was just a child. His music is often a mix of soulful improvisation and conceptual composition, which combines many genres like jazz, experimental music, and blues. He has been involved in the jazz and improvisational music scene in Mexico, USA, and Central America since 2008. His collaborations include musicians such as Gustavo Nandayapa and Hans Glawischnig, Blair Latham and Gabriel Puentes, Tyler Mitchell and Pablo Aguirre. He was a faculty member of the Jazz and Popular Music Program at UNICACH, Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas from 2012 to 2018. He has released three albums as a leader, and many more as a sideman. On March 15, 2019, Unit Records will release his forthcoming album as a leader, featuring Jochen Rueckert (drums) and Eivind Osvik (bass). He currently resides in Berlin, Germany. from

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