Tom Peron

TOM PERON, a world-class jazz trumpet player, delights his listeners with warm, rich tones and impeccable articulation. His father, who was a trumpet player with the Sacramento Symphony (California), for 25 years, inspired him and encouraged him. Peron was one of his most ardent supporters when he joined the group that featured Jessica Williams, a pianist extraordinaire. He was introduced to Bud Spangler, a fiery drummer from San Francisco who had been working with her for many years. Peron and Spangler quickly developed a mutual respect and rapport when they started performing together. Spangler recalls, “It was love from the first note.” Peron and Spangler recorded Interplay, their first album as leaders. It was released by Monarch Records on 1994. The album features a mix of classics by George Gershwin and Sonny Rollins, as well as two Tom Peron originals. It rose quickly to the top of the Gavin radio charts, and it was one Monarch’s most popular songs. Peron/Spangler’s “straight-ahead Jazz for the 21st Century”, draws inspiration from legends like Clifford Brown, Max Roach, and the John Coltrane Quintet with Elvin Jones. Miles Davis is also a part of the Peron/Spangler band and his fine procession of drummers — Jimmy Cobb, Tony Williams and Philly Joe Jones. Scott Yanow, a jazz journalist, says that Peron/Spangler’s music is “straight-ahead jazz for the 21st century” and is influenced by legendary collaborations of jazz horn players Clifford Brown and Max Roach; the John Coltrane Quartet with Elvin Jones; and Miles Davis and his procession of fine drummers — Jimmy Cobb, Philly Joe Jones, and Tony Williams. Peron has been performing throughout Northern California for nearly thirty years. Peron has opened for George Duke and Stanley Clark in Sacramento, played with Smith Dobson in Garden City, San Jose, and has also performed at the California Jass Festival and the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. He was the co-leader of the Peron/Spangler Quartet, which performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival and the San Jose Jazz Festival.

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