Tomás Fraga

He is one the most outstanding young musicians in the local jazz scene. Guitarist Tomas Fraga is the son of Manuel Fraga. His debut album Influencias features ten original pieces. They range from fugue-style blues (“Pulpo negro”) to a piece for clarinet, jazz quartet, and clarinet (“Mejor reirse”) to the opening track “Pequenos pasos”, in which solos are woven together into a bright melody. The album features Tomas Fares playing piano, Pablo Motta playing double bass, and Oscar Giunta drumming. They alternate between different formats, such as quartet, sextet or nonet depending on the piece. Marcelo Mayor and Manolo JUarez taught Tomas Fraga harmony, improvisation and guitar. It is worth noting that jazz has had an influence on rock music, but it was rock that introduced the electric guitar to the forefront. Fraga has performed at many theatres and festivals throughout the City. He is known for his high-energy performances and ability to adapt to different styles, but he always focuses on jazz. He was awarded the Konex Award, Diploma of Merit in 2015 with Jorge Lopez Ruiz’s band. from

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