Tomasz Dąbrowski

Tomasz Dabrowski, a Polish composer and trumpeter, is a winner. He resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is one of Europe’s most talented composers and trumpeters, with six albums under his own name and many CDs as co-leader or sideman. Tomasz is best known for his work in TOM TRIO. This string of concerts, S-O-L -O: 30th birthday / 30 concerts / 30 cities and other projects with Tyshawn, Kris Davis, and Andrew Drury received rave reviews and allowed him to travel all over Europe, North America, and Asia. Tomasz is part of the Danish musician-run collective Barefoot Records. While living in Denmark for the past few years, Dabrowski has performed and worked with many of the best musicians and bands in the Danish music scene, including Kresten Osgood and Jacob Anderskov, Fredrik Lundin and Kasper Tranberg. Tomasz has also worked and performed with many European and American musicians, including Tomasz Stanko and Jamaladeen Tacuma, Pheeroan AkLaff, Jamaaladeen Takuma, Greg Osby and RJ Miller. In 2012, Tomasz received an artistic scholarship award from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. A year later, he was named “Musician of the Years” by FFJ Denmark [Foreningen af Fynske Jazzmusikere – Arets fynske Jazzmusikerer 2013]. He is also a member the program “You Me” – Young Musicians Play Europe. “TOM TRIO” [ILK 2012] is Tomasz Dabrowski’s first album as a leader, and the name for his international group. The music of “TOM TRIO”, featuring Nils Bo Davidsen as double bassist and Anders Mogensen as drummer, reflects a unique blend of Scandinavian and Slavic personalities through long melodic lines and rough sound textures and a precise sense time. The well-respected Danish label, ILK Records, has just released the album. Album received rave reviews in Europe and Japan, as well as the USA.

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