Tonbruket (dan Berglund’s Tonbruket)

Dan Berglund was born May 1963. He grew up in Pilgrimstad, a small Swedish village near Ostersund. Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to many different types of music such as pop, rock and Swedish folk music. He began playing electric bass and guitar in rock bands at the age of ten, strongly influenced by Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Dan Berglund changed to double bass during his professional music education at Ostersund’s Birka Folkhogskola. His involvement in the local state orchestra led to extensive touring and his first television-engagements. Dan grew tired of playing in the orchestra and decided to improve his musical abilities. He moved to Stockholm and registered at the Royal Music University. There he met all the great musicians of Stockholm, including Lina Nyberg, who was also a member of the orchestra. Dan Berglund met Esbjorn Svensson during Lina Nyberg’s tour. Esbjorn had written several songs that Lina sang, and he approached Dan to ask if he would be interested in joining the Esbjorn Svensson Trio. After seven long years, the band finally broke through with “From Gagarin’s Point of View”, “Good Morning Susie Soho” and “Strange Place for Snow” and tours throughout Sweden. Finally, e.s.t. They were finally e.s.t. They were selling albums in the six-digits, won many awards and were called the “Trio of the Decade” by the London Times. The band’s success was probably due to their diverse musical backgrounds. They brought all their influences to the table and created a unique sound and concept. Dan Berglund is known for his full, “Mingus-like”, bass tone. He also excelled in his “Jimi Shendricks” solos. This made him a sensation at many e.s.t. concerts. The untimely passing of Esbjorn Skensson in 2008 ended Europe’s most popular jazz group. Dan initially stopped all musical activities to grieve for the loss. But, he reconnected with his pre-e.s.t. musical friends. After many sessions in rehearsal rooms, Dan discovered the joy and happiness of creating music again during the “e.s.t.” era. It is part of my past, and it has a significant influence on my music-making and composition right now. It was there, it was within me and it will always remain with me – just as my hard-rock heritage has always been part. Johan Lindstroem, a guitarist he met while working at “Per Texas Johansson”, Martin Hederos, a pianist from “The Soundtracks Of Our Live”, and Andreas Werliin, drums, are his new partners. They have composed, arranged, and produced all the songs for their debut album DAN BERGLUND’S TONBRUKET. From

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