Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo is like Lou Rawls leading Tower of Power …” Stuart Hamilton. “Think Lou Reed but funkified …” Sandy Shore.” Tony Adamo joins the Strokeland family. This singer/songwriter powerhouse has made a complete circle, going from radio announcer to Hollywood agent to fronting many rock and soul bands that performed on the Reno, Tahoe and Las Vegas circuits. Adamo had been pursuing a recording career all the while. He met Jerry Stucker, a veteran guitarist and producer, in San Francisco. This was where he began his journey. Paul Jackson, Herbie Hancock’s bassist and Headhunters legend, was introduced to him by Stucker. Jackson felt the Adamo/Stucker song Hey, Lou’ was very hip, and he created a funky bass line for the tune. Jackson featured the song on FUNK ON A STICK, his second solo album, on Backdoor Records. Tony Adamo and Stephen ‘Doc” Kupka (L-R). Strokeland lovers will be familiar with the contributions of some of the top musicians to Tony’s new release, STRAIGHT UP DEA, which includes members of the original Tower of Power Horns – MIC GILLETTE and Skip Mesquite as well as the Funky Doctor himself STEPHEN ’DOC’ KUPKA. Ernie Watts and Eddie Henderson are just a few of the other world-class players featured on this release. Tony just released WHAT IS HIP, his latest work. Jerry Stucker is producing the new work. For the new tracks, Stucker invited legendary drummers Steve Gadd and Mike Clark to play. Adamo’s voice is a perfect match for Gadd’s chilled-out drum beats. It’s available now on Strokeland Records. Visit

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