Torben Snekkestad

Torben Snekkestad was born in Norway in 1973 and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years Torben has been exploring many areas of music with a reflective and open-minded approach. From free improvisation and jazz playing as a leader and sideman, to classical chamber music playing and as a soloist with symphony orchestras/sinfonietta. He is able to combine his many musical paths into an identifiable sound that creates a unique musical language. Snekkestad is a renowned Scandinavian saxophonist with a unique poetic ear, extended playing techniques, intuitive compositional use structure and textures, and an extremely extended playing technique. Maja S.K., Nate Wooley and Barry Guy were among those who performed with him. Ratkje, Koichi Makigami, Thomas Stronen, Arve Henriksen, Soren Kjaergaard, Raymond Strid, Peter Evans, Augusti Fernandez, Paal Nilssen-Love, Andrew Cyrille, Jon Balke and Cikada String Quartet. Extensive touring in Europe, USA, Russia and East Asia. from

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