Trans Atlantic Rage

Trans Atlantic Rage (T.A.R. Trans Atlantic Rage (T.A.R.) is an explosion of panic beyond control and unorthodox experiments across all genres to break through style boundaries. It was created by an independent musician from the US who has now turned his attention to jazz. “Hobo Jazz” is usually used to describe music performed by homeless hobos, street musicians, and people on the Road. A banjo, double bass, and a guitar, American folk jazz, ragtime Blues, music that makes people happy and sometimes even brings extra counter-Pythagorean bean or a few bucks. T.A.R. Hobo Jazz This is an interpretation of the emotions of a musician who happened to see a hobo band playing in the subway. He remained with that moment for more than 10 years, and it became an album. It’s a surreal interpretation his own experience. The album combines both new and classic jazz sounds: guitar noise, soul, improvisation, sample from Billy Holiday.

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