Trespass Trio (aka Martin Küchen Trio)

Martin Kuchen, a Swedish saxophonist, always has a story with his music. Trespass Trio’s repertoire is no exception. Trespass Trio’s music is a blend of economy and restraint in expression. They only go to the extremes when they are necessary and relevant. The music has a narrative drive that tells a story without words, but with emotional depth. The trio released the albums “…was here to illuminate the nightsky.” (2009) and Bruder Beda. (2012). Joe McPhee joined them for three nights of blissful moments in Coimbra (Portugal). The result was the album Human Encore (2012). They performed together in Lisbon, followed by Bergen, Norway. It is now a band. McPhee, a phenomenal trumpet and sax player, was the perfect choice. This quartet is both raw and sensible. Visit

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