TRI4TH, a Japanese jazz group, was formed in 2009 by Yuusuke Okamoto, Junnosuke Fujita and Tomotaka Sekiya. They released the analog single “TRI4TH plus EP” in 2009, and then released their first album “TRI4TH”, which was released in 2010. Junnosuke Fujita, a Tottori-born saxophonist, is his name. He started his career with classical music but he has been interested in jazz since childhood. Tomotaka Sekiya, a Osaka-born bassist. He studied at LAMA, and at 20 he recorded his first album “footprints” in Los Angeles as a lead singer. He joined TRI4TH in 2009. He also enjoys fishing. Takao Ito, a Toyama-born drummer. From

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