Triangulation is an improvisational band that features Bruno Amstad, a vocalist who is a living encyclopedia of vocal expressions. He then sings in Indian and Pakistani styles, acting as a living beatbox. His voice is low and soft, mimicking certain jazz and experimentalists. (Phil Milton ,..). It seems that he can recall a lot of information and repeat many impressions of what he has heard. This is why the band accompanies him in a minimal manner, leaving room for new ideas. They can sound repetitive, loop-like and rhythmic in their improvised jazz music. It can sometimes seem like the group is falling asleep while the lead vocalist leads, but the band remains steady and flows smoothly. Sometimes, and eventually, the band leads more and you can see they are capable of more. You might hear some interesting rhythms or great jazz guitar. The band’s “Magic Carpet Ride” track and the one after it show a jazzfusion-rock style with brilliant guitarist. It is finally able to achieve something like “What Weather Report could have been but never was”. Although the band could have been a jazz-rock group, it soon loses itself in its quietness and returns to an instant live improvisational band that has many interesting elements. This allows them to create a cohesive compositional thing to be remembered. from

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