Tribe was founded in 1971 by Wendell Harrison, a saxophonist, and Phil Ranelin, a trombonist. It quickly grew into an ensemble that included a live band and an independent record label. Many African American jazz musicians in Detroit and across America began to create their own imprints. Tribe was one of these entities. Harrison’s beliefs of independence, self-determination, and education were key to the Tribe ethos. Rebirth Inc. was founded by John Sinclair, Detroit cultural warrior, in 1977. It was a continuation and extension of the Tribe community spirit. It established a connection with radio station WDET, and started an outreach program to educate children. Harrison also published his jazz instruction books. Harrison continues to record extensively with his own labels, WenHa, and Tribe. He also documented the collective through sessions that were led by Pamela Wise, Harold McKinney and Phil Ranelin. from

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