TriCoolOre, a contemporary World Jazz trio, was formed in Nicosia in November 2013. They chose Cyprus to be the center for their music exploration. Tricoolore’s music is based on the volatile rhythms and melodies of Fusion jazz, in harmony with traditional musical scales. This bold mixture creates a unique tone color that incorporates the Greek expression. It balances between the global jazz character and the sounds from the wider Mediterranean region. They break all the rules and explore this wide musical range with a lot of improvisation. Their debut album Oregano Infused was released in April 2015. It featured nine original compositions. The debut album received a warm reception and received positive reviews. TriCoolOre had very successful appearances at music festivals and music scenes (with Pantelis Stojkos, the trumpet player), in Greece, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Their journey thus far has been a highlight:

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