Trigg And Gusset

Trigg (Bart Klol) began a collaboration with Erik van Geer, (Gusset), in 2012. They created the album “Legacy of the Witty”, which was released by Preserved Sound. The album features 10 slow-jazz/doomjazz songs with dark electronic sounds and lush melodyes performed by Erik on bass-clarinet and tenor-saxophone. Trigg began creating music in the nineties. Velvet Overdrive released his first solo album, ‘Outside Vision’ in 2007. He also released this record without any restrictions regarding his style or composition. The result was a mixture of electronica and triphop, postrock, nu-jazz, and postrock. Trigg released two albums in 2011: the cinematic “Beige” on Human Workshop and the more acoustic “Soil” on Clinical Archives. From facebook

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