Ethno Jazz group Trigon was founded in 1992. Their desire to play music that is soulful led to them being awarded the European grade by the French Academy of arts Charles Cros for their debut CD “The Moldovan wedding to jazz”. Trigon’s music combines elements of folk, rock, jazz and symphonic. Their jazz compositions are marked by brilliant improvisations and an excellent understanding of musical forms. Trigon is undoubtedly a phenomena in modern jazz music at its highest intellectual expression.” L.Osipova Vice-president, Russian Composers Union Anatol Stefanet’s Trigon group has created a fascinating synthesis of jazz’s cosmopolitan spirit and its autochtonous musical heritage. Trigon’s memorable performances are passionate whirlwinds, expressing emotions in music. The instrumentalists’ temperamental involvement in music is balanced by an unwavering musical sense and an art of the nuances. Trigon is a dazzling talent in ethno-jazz, and continues to be a popular choice. Artists who are true to their roots must pay the price, unless they have some para-aesthetic support. This cultural and musical phenomenon is unlabelled. Trigon is Moldo-Romanian music at its finest. Virgil Mihaiu is a Jazz Critics Association of America music critic. Virgil Mihaiu was the music critic of Jazz Critics Association of America (J.J.A.). Trigon’s music was broadcast on stations such as BBC/London, WDR/Koln and Radio Cluj – Vocea Transilvaniei. The group performed in Spain, France, Germany, Greece and Romania as well as concerts in Holland, Spain, France, Italy. Germany, Greece. Romania, Greece. Lithuania, Norway. Denmark, Ukraine, Belorussia. The project Port of Cultures was created by The Shin (Georgia), and Valts Puce (Latvia). The projects Moldova Calls quartet (Germany/Holland), and Moldova Calls Octet (Holland), were created in collaboration with Mark Alban Lotz and Paul Pallessen. Visit

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