Trio Caveat

Trio Caveat, a New York-based band, features James Ilgenfritz as bassist and John McLellan as drummer. Jonathan Moritz is the saxophonist. The group has a wealth of experience playing together and with musicians like Butch Morris, Tim Berne and Ken Vandermark. Their aesthetic is a minimalistic and creative exploration of their instruments. This isn’t your typical reeds/bass/drums group. After their self-released album An All Too Brief Silence which Speaks Untold Vols (2006), Compliments is the second disc by the group. It contains eight tracks, each one reflecting the holiday season. Combining Ilgenfritz’s arco musings with McLellan’s frugal, snare accents, and Moritz’s woozy phrases, it is a difficult mix that will reward listeners who are not afraid to try new things. James Ilgenfritz, a Michigan native, has a B.M. The University of Michigan offers a B.M. in Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation. He has recently completed his Master’s degree at UCSD, where he studied with Mark Dresser. John Lindberg and Mark Helias also taught him. He is a member of Trio Caveat and has worked with Eyal Mayoz (Hypercolor), Lukas Ligeti, and the Anagram Ensemble, which includes Joe Tomino, Nate Wooley, and Moritz. He has played with Chris Speed, Andrew D’Angelo and Mike Pride, as well as Sarah Weaver. John McLellan was raised in Massachusetts and born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His extensive and varied resume includes work with Joe and Mat Maneri and Roswell Rudd, Bern Nix and Roy Campbell. Ken Vandermark and Denman Maroney as well as Ben Monder and the Either/Orchestra. He has performed at numerous festivals across the country, including the Newport Jazz Festival and the Iowa City Jazz Festival. John’s innovative drumming can also be heard on his duo album with Joe McPhee, Grand Marquis of Boxholder Records, and Mat Maneri’s latest release, Pentagon, on Thirsty Ear Records. Jonathan Moritz was born and raised in Iran. He received his B.F.A. in California. In music performance, he graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2000. He studied with Charlie Haden (now Vinny Golia) and Vinny Goloia. In 1995, he began his studies at Brussels Royal Conservatory of music in Belgium and remained there for three years. He is currently a band director and general teacher of music for children in Pre-K to 5th grades at P.S. Jonathan is currently a candidate to an M.A. Brooklyn College. The Prospect Series is a intimate performance space in New York that he and his wife created. It features innovative improvisers, Persian cuisine, and an eclectic audience. CDBaby

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