Trio Grande

Michel MASSOT, and Michel DEBRULLE began their musical careers with Trio Bravo. They had many experiences during that time: La Grande Formation and Bathyscaphe V; Klaus Koenig Orchestra; Mega-Octets of Andy Emler; Tous Dehors Big Band. Their encounter with Laurent DEHORS (a Rouen (France musician), was concrete and limpid… which led to the formation of Trio Grande. This trio answers today’s jazz question: Must all things be labeled? They love the kind of jazz they listen to. It’s that simple! It’s possible to feel and even see it. It’s not a matter of identity crisis. Instead, it’s a matter of sharing the language of sound with their dancing rhythms and emotions. TRIO GRANDE is a balance of energy and breaks that embodies maturity. They are able to enjoy pleasure through experience and over time. It’s an anthem dedicated to beauty and life, free from any unintentional intention. A sense of supernatural fragility is often accompanied by an occasionally powerful force. It’s not difficult to call compositions’successful’ because they often take you to higher ground within a matter of seconds. Their music is often accompanied by a lyrical fever, which is sometimes helped by dance interludes from the MICHEL MASSOT and at other times by MICHEL DEBRULLE. LAURENT DEHORS is the next to achieve the same effect with its combination of sharp phrasing, brilliant colour and a mixture of harsh language. The audience is taken away by the performance, sucked into their hands and then dropped to the other side of this world, almost transfigured. Your transformation will also be complete and you will not lose time! (…)” Anonymous from

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