Trio Hlk

Trio HLK is a union of three forward-thinking musical personalities. Richard Kass, a drummer and percussionist, is the central figure. His multi-limbic ability affords him a wealth and variety of expressions that are unimaginable for most drummers. He can execute rhythms at multiple tempos simultaneously, often drawing comparisons to electronica or computer-generated music. Many bells and chimes are added to the standard drumset, which greatly expands the sound range. Ant Law, guitarist, plays an extended-range electric guitar with 8 strings. He also uses a variety effects to create ambience and sonorities. This electric instrument, which is the only one in the group, contrasts with the acoustic elements of the drums and piano. Although he is best known as a jazz musician and his musicianship was broadened, he also has influences from heavy metal and other musical styles. Richard Harrold, a composer and classical pianist, is at the helm. Harrold was a student of contemporary classical music from a young age. Harrold studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Yale School of Music in New York. His approach includes recomposition and discomposition, as well as pure composition. His harmonic realm is at the border of tonality and aonality. He has a strong sense for rhythmic and melodic development in his writing. H, L, and K are united by a belief in the art of improvisation and intrigue combined with the infinite art-science of rhythm. They address ambitious improvisational structures that often resemble contemporary jazz more than classical music. Their music is rich in complex rhythms and textures and features virtuosic and intricate improvisation. They use a variety of rhythmic tricks and modulations to create a wide range of temporal distortions, implicit modulations, rhythmic tricks, harmonic ambiguities, and modulations. Although they refer to a wide variety of styles, their sound unites them all with an original instrumentation and fearless approach. Critics and audiences will often confuse the point where the composed and the spontaneous meet, which is a result of the many hours spent practicing together. It is accessible and cerebral, as it works on many levels. Trio HLK’s music is genuinely original and fresh.

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