Triosk was an experimental electronica and jazz band that formed in 2001. They were led by Adrian Klumpes (piano, rhodes, sampler), Laurence Pike (drums, programming and percussion) and Ben Waples (electric and acoustic basses). They disbanded their band in 2007. Although they were originally a jazz band, their music has strong electronica elements. They also have influences from musique concrete textures with their use loops of hisses, crackles, and other sounds. Three albums were released by them: 1 3 1, a collaboration with Jan Jelinek (Berlin label scape), Moment Returns (18 Oct 2003), and The Headlight Serenade (12 Jun 2006), all on The Leaf Label. Triosk was formed in Sydney, Australia in 2001 as a jazz-electronica group by Adrian Kumpes (piano), Laurence Pike (drums and percussion) and Ben “Donnyā€¯ Waples (bass guitar). Stuart Nicholson, The Guardian’s editor, noticed their shared love for the Bill Evans Trio as well as Jan Jelinek (German techno producer), who enjoys working with jazz vinyl samples. Through the prisms of minimalism, electronic music and Evans’s inner thoughts, I project Evans’s introspective style. From

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