Triple Ace

The jazz group featuring oliver kent, uli langthaler and dusan novakov is exciting and fresh. Triple ace – colours of jazz is a remarkable trio due to the individual talents of each musician and their high energy playing and creating together. They are open-minded musicians who can create unique compositions that feature improvisation and style. This allows them to take the audience on an exciting journey through jazz music. They are deeply connected to jazz tradition and can experiment in an elegant manner, using popular and contemporary elements without being too stagey. Triple Ace – Colours in Jazz is a trio that combines authenticity, substance, and unexpected grooves to create colourful compositions. You will hear musicians such as Karl Ratzer and Fritz Pauer, Marianne Mendt and Joe Zawinul, and well-known names such as Art Farmer and Mike Stern. triple Ace – Colours in Jazz have performed at many jazz festivals across Europe, as well as at International Jazz Festivals held in the USA, Cuba and Israel, China, Vietnam. Thailand, Indonesia. Mexico, Tunesia. Ukraine, and South-Africa. They regularly perform at Porgy Jazz Club in Vienna, their home town.

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