Tristan, a Dutch five-piece, can best be described as feel-good, vintage Acid Jazz. It features the sounds, energy and vibe of today’s best pop/jazz musicians. The rhythm section has been playing together for decades, creating solid grooves and punchy arrangements that have become their signature. This all underpins Evelyn Kallansee’s beautiful vocals. This will transport you back to the great sound of the 70’s with a refreshing breeze of current influences. Tristan’s music sounds like classic Acid Jazz acts like Snarky Puppy or Tower of Power. However, what sets this band apart from their peers is the quality of the arrangements and compositions. Tristan’s debut album, “Full Power”, was praised by critics. Their highly-acclaimed second album, “2nd Phase”, received rave reviews. Both albums went straight to No. 1 on the UK’s soul charts. In 2016, the group surprised again with “Lifestyle” and “Live in Concert”, respectively. They were able to travel all over the globe with those CD’s in 2016/2017: Japan, Germany, Poland and Romania. Their fifth album, ‘The Spice of Five’, will be released worldwide on April 2019.

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