Trudy Desmond

Trudy Desmond, October 11, 1945 – February 19, 1999, was a Canadian jazz singer. She moved from New York City to Toronto in 1970. Over the years she worked as an actress and interior designer as well as a club manager and producer. In Canada, she became a prominent jazz singer. Desmond was a singer in both small and large ensembles. She was also a member of Doug Riley’s Dr. Music group. Desmond started recording in the 1980s on her own. Each album was released on a different label: RSVP (Concord Jazz), Tailor Made(Jazz Alliance), Make Me Rainbowss (Koch Jazz) and then finally, My One and Only (1998 Justin Time). Justin Time released a compilation entitled A Dream Come True: Trudy Desmond’s Best Songs in 2005. Trudy Demond performed with the Don Thompson Quartet (Ed Bickert, Paul Novotny on bass, and John Sumner on drums) at the “Sound of Toronto Jazz Series” Series at The Ontario Science Centre on January 23, 1989. Trudy Desmond was a founding member of Dr. Music, a Canadian 16-piece ensemble led by Doug Riley. She is listed as one the singers on the first album of Dr. Music, Sun Goes By (1972; AGEK-2550). Wikipedia

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