Tullis Rennie

Tullis Rennie, a composer and electronic musician, trombonist who was born in Derbyshire, England, is also a DJ, biscuit lover, and trombonist. In 2006, he graduated from Manchester University with a Masters degree in Electroacoustic music composition and was awarded the Peter J Leonard Prize in composition. For the past 12 years, he has been working in various musical roles in Europe and the UK. He also has performed and worked on projects in South America and Korea. Insectotropics, a multimedia performance group based in Barcelona, is his founding member. Recent activity includes two residencies at the UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro. This broadcast was an hour long and featured articles from Organised Sound as well as articles published in peer-reviewed journals Enhancing the Learner Experience In Higher Education. Tullis is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition, Queen’s University Belfast’s Sonic Arts Research Centre. http://www.longprong.net

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