Tuppu Orrenmaa

The Orrenmaa Band features Tuppu Orrenmaa and Pekka Pohjola as well as a number of talented players. They blazing away on a supercharged, upbeat, sometimes rocking, sometimes funky/jazzy instrumental power fusion album. It also benefits from the Tower Of Power horns’ uptown edge. Although a relatively unknown guitarist in America, Tuppu has a track record in Finland. He clearly channels the sonic power of Cobham and Pekka Pohjola, one of the most important, classic, ’70s European Fusion pioneers. His complex, melodic rock orchestrations often featured full horn sections, orchestral strings, and other orchestral elements. Orrenmaa’s intricate electric guitar compositions and Cobham’s amazing drumming skills make for an unforgettable jazz-rock experience. Tuppu comments on his experience working with these illustrious jazz-fusion heroes. Pekka Pohjola’s music has always been something I admired, as well as his unique approach to composing fusion music. Tuppu’s guitar playing is outstanding throughout the album. He says that his main guitar is a modified Peavey 60, which he has been playing since 1979. Roland GR 700 is also my guitar synthesizer. It’s the same one that Metheny and McLaughlin use. This allows me to arrange horn and keyboard parts in my tunes. “From www.last.fm/music

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