Turk Murphy

One of the most well-known bands in the San Francisco Dixieland movement was Turk Murphy. Murphy gained notoriety for his performances with several big bands, including Mal Hallett or Will Osborne. He was also a member of the influential Yerba Buena Jazz Band (1940-1947), which Lu Watters founded. In 1947, Murphy formed his own band and found a permanent home at Earthquake McGoons after 13 years. They also traveled occasionally. Murphy was not a great trombone soloist, and his singing skills were only average. However, Murphy’s ensemble work was exceptional and he created a stimulating repertoire that included obscurities and favorite tunes from the 1920s as well as some newer ones. His band was always musical. He had sidemen such as clarinetist Bob Helm, trumpeter Don Kinch, and Bob Short; and pianists Wally Rose and Pete Clute. His beloved band, Turk Murphy, made many records for labels such as Good Time Jazz (1953-1956), Fairmont, Columbia (1953-1956), Verve and Dawn Club; and pianists Wally Rose, Pete Clute, and Merry Makers. Allmusic

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