Tyler Blanton

Tyler Blanton, a vibraphonist and composer, is becoming a rising star on the New York City’s jazz scene. His work has been recognized by many major publications, including Downbeat and Jazztimes. Blanton’s second album, “Gotham”, is due to be released in March 2014. Blanton, a California native, began playing drums and guitar in his teens. Joe Cavaglieri, his grandfather and tenor saxophonist was his first exposure to jazz. He was a prominent figure in the swing and big band music scenes in Los Angeles during the 40’s and 50s. Blanton began his music education as a drummer, but quickly switched to mallet percussion and eventually jazz vibraphone. Blanton completed his undergraduate music degree at Sonoma State University, northern California, in 2006 after he had started his education at California Institute for the Arts. Blanton was well-known in the San Francisco Bay Area Jazz Scene by the time he graduated. Blanton was a busy sideman and worked on several projects with his mentors at the University, including guitarist Randy Vincent. Blanton was determined to promote his music and moved permanently to New York City in 2007. Blanton quickly established himself as a leader and composer and began performing at local venues like Smalls, La Lanterna and Cornelia St Cafe. Blanton’s debut album “Botanic,” released in 2010, is the culmination of his first two years in New York. It featured bassists Aidan Carroll, Dan Loomis and drummer Richie Barshay, as well as Joel Frahm, saxophonist, and drummer, Jared Schonig. The album, “Botanic,” received a lot of attention upon its release. It was reviewed in Downbeat magazine and Jazztimes magazine, and also featured bassists Aidan Carroll and Dan Loomis. Blanton began composing new compositions shortly thereafter. He would spend the next two decades writing, revising, and rehearsing them. Blanton’s upcoming album, “Gotham”, is the documentation of this new body. Blanton’s current quartet, which includes drummer Nate Wood and bassist Matt Clohesy as well as Donny McCaslin and Blanton, composed “Gotham” music. Blanton plays both vibraphones and Malletkat. A midi controller that functions in the same way as a vibraphone, it is used to trigger sounds and trigger samples. The album’s 6 compositions take you on a multi-genre musical journey that includes electronica, modern jazz, rock and other diverse musical influences. “Gotham,” is scheduled for release on March 25, 2014. from http://tylerblanton.net

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