Uwe Oberg

Uwe Oberg, a German pianist (*1962/Offenbach), develops his music at the center of Jazz and Improvised Musik. “Oberg is one the most exciting free pianists in the younger generation.” (Michael Rieth Frankfurter Rundschau) Oberg started playing piano when he was seven years old. He moved to Jazz in the 80s and joined the KOOPERATIVE JAZZ/ARTist Wiesbaden in 1986. This is an association of improvising musicians. His work is based on improvisation. He was inspired by Free-Jazz, New Music, and has since developed his exceptional piano techniques. Influences include Thelonious Monk’s music, Cecil Taylor’s music, Don Pullen, Don Blake, Don Pullen, Don Pullen, Ran Blake and Andrew Hill. He is also a jazz composer and an individual Jazz-compositions interpreter. As a soloist, he plays the piano and listens to Monk’s music. Oberg’s trio/quartett plays original compositions and other pieces. But whatever material he plays, it is transformed into his own unique, twinkling sound that transcends musical boundaries. He enjoys the spontaneity of improvising with musicians from various cultures and styles. He was a frequent performer in combinations with other arts, such as theatre / dance/ lyrics. He is currently working mainly with silent film, both solo and in ensembles. Collaboration with: ALFRED HARTH and PETER KOWALD. XU FENGXIA. MATTHIAS SCHUBERT. PHILIPPEMICOL, JURGEN WUCHNER. ULI PHILLIPP. TONY OXLEY. SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON. RUDI MAHALL. HR JAZZENSEMBLE. URS LEIMGRUBER. SAADET TURKOZ. SUBROTO ROY CHAUDHURI. He was invited to participate in the 2004 project “DARMSTADTWARSZAWA/SHARED SPACE” at the Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, Darmstadt and Warsaw Autumn. Oberg was awarded the HESSISCHER JAZZPREIS in December 2007. Visit www.uweoberg.de

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