Valerie June

June has been diligently working in the garden, caring for the seedlings and nurturing them into The Order Of Time, her new album. June’s 2013 hit Pushin’ Against A Stone was released. While some songs were born from seeds she planted over a decade ago, others grew overnight, but all of them bear the influence time. You can see that June has been thinking a lot about time lately. It is the only constant in our lives, even though it is constantly changing. It is the healer of all injuries and the killer of all men. It is infinite and finite at the same time, flowing with twists, turns, and brutal, churning rapids, which give way to peaceful stretches of tranquility. You will be swept away by the current if you don’t fight it. It will take you where you need to go. June explains that time is the ruler of Earth’s rhythm. It is the center of our daily lives. Its song is the soundtrack to our hearts. It can help us turn our most cherished hopes and dreams into reality if we allow it to. June is an expert on turning dreams and hopes into reality. Pushin’ Against A Stone was her first album. She went from being Tennessee’s best-kept secret to being hailed as one of America’s greatest new talents. June was invited to The White House by Michelle Obama, where she toured with artists such as Sharon Jones.

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