Variable Density Sound Orchestra

Garrison Fewell, a veteran Boston guitarist/composer, has created the Variable Density Sound Orchestra. This international group includes charter members Roy Campbell (trumpet, flute), Achille succi (alto and bass clarinet), Eric Hofbauer(guitar), John Voigt (“bass”) and Miki Matsuki (“drums”), all of whom are featured on the self-titled debut album from February 2009. The band’s original music is a broad exploration of different textures and interactions, as the name suggests. Fewell says that the goal is to create balance and not allow individual soloists, collective instant composition or pre-composed material, to rule for too long. Fewell actively shapes the music of the band with other musicians. Their debut album features 10 songs that range from entirely improvised to original compositions that allow for more individual expression. They draw their inspiration from long-standing interests like ancient cultures, spirituality and musics by Anthony Braxton, Sun Ra, and Albert Ayler. Ed Hazell, music journalist, writes that Garrison Fewell has not stopped progressing on his musical journey. He went from being an accomplished post-bop guitarist and free-jazz explorer. “Here is his most personal and fully realized recording in free jazz idiom. You can still hear the thoughtfulness and tenderness of Garrison Fewell’s music; careful listening; and the meticulous construction of line and feel to melody that have characterized all his albums. Garrison’s ideas and compositions are well-executed by the Variable Density Sound Orchestra. The band has performed a variety of gigs in Boston, New York and other cities since the release of their first album in early 2009. Sound Particle 47 (CNM016) was the band’s second album. It was released in September 2010. The album features new compositions by Fewell and John Tchicai, as well as additional members (tromboneist Steve Swell, tenor and saxophonist Kelly Roberge, and bassist Dmitry Ishenko). from

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