Variable Geometry Orchestra

Variable Geometry Orchestra’s (VGO), music is a combination of electronic and acoustic sound matter, which constantly seeks for meaning and detail. Its sounds have both subliminal and psycho-acoustic qualities, as well as the possibility of total silence. It appears as if it were emerging from nothingness, only to then disappear back into it. Chaos is formalized through the use of new concepts such as indeterminism, instantaneous music, and the asymmetrical eruption alternated moments sound and silence (the absence or identification of sound). Sound prevails. Conduction works by balancing sound masses in the acoustic area. This dictates the construction of the real time composition and reveals the organized juxtapositions of certain instruments as mobile sound group. The conduction allows musicians to regain their rhythm, breathing, and sense of random pulse. They can also listen to all sound events and act accordingly. They can also listen to the music of another musician. This ensures that the musical space is only filled with essential elements. One of the most outstanding features of the orchestra is its openness to new members. This is why the orchestra is known as ‘variable’. The influx of new creative power is tempered only with a truly democratic spirit where hierarchy is reduced to a bare minimum, also permitting a very large number of combinations and permutations of smaller ensembles to be arranged on-the-spur-of-the-moment. The orchestra includes three generations of musicians who set aside their age to create a common language. from

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