Vassar Clements

Vassar Clements has been called one of the most talented and versatile fiddle players in the world. His professional career began at an early age. He is known for his incredible ability to play all types of music, including bluegrass, country and pop as well as rock, jazz, and swing. He has received numerous awards, including five Grammy nominations. His recording and performing experience is so varied, it’s almost like a “Who’s Who” list of fiddle players. Vassar is much more than a musician. Vassar has received many titles. He is sometimes called a country “Isaac Stern”, a fiddle player for “Count Basie”, and even a bluegrass “Miles Davis”. Perhaps this is because Vassar is a music philosopher, who chooses to express his thoughts through his instrument. He simply took the medium of music and expressed his emotions through it. He is a prolific instrumental composer and plays seven instruments: violin, cello, cello, guitar, bass, mandolin and guitar. Vassar’s entire career spans more than fifty years. He was just 14 years old when his association with Bill Monroe began. He was a regular Bluegrass Boy with Bill in 1949, and remained with him until 1956. He performed bluegrass legends Jim from 1957 to 1961.

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