VCDC was established at the 2009 MaiJazz Festival, Stavanger (Norway), when Solberg and Motland invited Gjerstad to join them for a performance. They continued their collaboration and recorded their self-titled debut album, which was released on the Oslo-based Hispid record labels. Following the release of their 2011 album on Norwegian Hispid, Frode Gjerstad and Fred Lonberg–Holm’s cellist Fred Lonberg–Holm, drummer Stale LIavik Solberg, and Stine Janvin Moland, the quartet performed two extended improvisations at Galleri Sult, Stavanger. The improvisations, which are well-crafted and skilled, are fascinatingly detailed and unhurried. Instead of a slow build and release, the band maintains an even level and varies throughout the performances. Stine Janvin Motte brings an uncommon quality to the music. She changes her approach and captures the listener with unexpected vocalizations and vocalizations. Her ending to “Sultan for Seitan”, leaves listeners puzzled and wanting more. Squidco

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