Vic Dickenson

Vic Dickenson, a distinctive trombonist who had a sharp wit and could sound underwater, was a valuable asset to any session where he performed. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was a Midwest player. He had associations with Blanche Calloway (1933-1936), Claude Hopkins (39-1939), Benny Carter (1939), Count Basie (40), Carter again (1941), Carter again (1943), and Frankie Newton (1941-1943). A high-profile gig with Eddie Heywood’s popular sextet (1943-1946) was also planned. Dickenson also recorded and played with Sidney Bechet. He was a freelance soloist and spent much of his time in New York, Boston, and the West Coast. Dickenson was a member of the Saints and Sinners in the 1960s. He also toured with George Wein’s Newport All-Stars and regularly worked with Wild Bill Davison and Eddie Condon. He was in a quintet that included Bobby Hackett from 1968-1970. In the 1970s, Dickenson played occasionally with the World’s Greatest Jazz Band. Allmusic

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