Viktoria Tolstoy

Viktoria Tolstoy, an internationally acclaimed and highly respected jazz singer, is well-known and highly respected. Her many success stories are all due to her natural talent. Viktoria has never been to a singing class, so she is able to produce a strong, unadulterated and vibrant sound. She will capture every moment and outperform herself on every occasion. Viktoria is a natural leader and her spontaneous, colorful personality will make it seem like one can forget to breathe even for a moment. Viktoria is already at the top and still aiming high. Since her first microphone was handed to Viktoria, she has been praised by the media. And this show will continue. We recommend that you buckle up. Expect a lot. APPEARANCES: Numerous tours throughout Europe, Sweden and Worldwide. – She is often requested to appear on Radio and Television. She is highly motivated for photoshoots due to her lucky looks. – Participating in many special occasions such as “The Polar Prize Awards”, The Opening Ceremonies at “The World Championships of Track”

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