Viktorija Gečyte

Viktorija has always considered the stage her home away from home. At age 5, she was the first person to perform in public in her native Lithuania. She was also regularly featured on television for many years. She hitchhiked to various music festivals in Lithuania during high school and learned about global jazz. She was able to explore the New York jazz clubs, as well as other parts of America, with a scholarship from Lafayette College. This enabled her to cycle 3,800 miles across America. She settled in Paris, France in 2008 and performs at many jazz festivals and clubs. Viktorija is elegant, sophisticated, and swinging beyond her years. Viktorija is a master of phrasing and timing. She also has a velvet voice that has smoky tones and hits every note. Her love for jazz is a result of her father and her mother, a chef who has a long history of traditional singers. Viktorija considers singing a musical conversation, an human endeavor, and a never-ending adventure. from

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