Vincent Courtois

Vincent Courtois was born 1968 in Paris. He began playing the cello at six years of age. Vincent Courtois started playing in Parisian bands and his first CD, “Cello News”, as a leader was released in 1990. (Le Triton), as well as “L’homme Avion”, (Chief Inspector). Vincent was a member of Rabih’s bands (“Yara”, and “The Cactus Of Knowledge”), and he plays regularly with Louis Sclavis (L’affrontement des pretants”, “Dans la nuit”, and “Napoli’s walls” on ECM Records). Vincent is also a regular player with trombonist Yves Robert (“In Touch” and “Inspirine”, respectively on ECM Records) and pianist Sylvie Courvoisier (“Lonelyville” on Intakt, and “Asap” on CamJazz). Vincent Courtois has recorded or played with many great musicians over the last twenty years, including Pierre Favre and James Newton, Laurent de Wilde. Julien Lourau. Jim Black. Tomas Stanko. Tomas Stanko. Tomas Stanko. Tomas Stanko. Tomas Stanko. Cyril Atef. Maxime Delpierre. Francois Corneloup. Wolfang Pouchnick. Mark Feldman. Mederic Solal. Michel Petrucciani. Vincent Courtois founded the band “WAT” in 2010 and was named a Chevalier of ‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’ by the French Ministry of Culture. He has recorded a solo CD and performs as a duet or quartet with Michel Portal. from

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