Vinz Vonlanthen

Guitarist VINZ VONLANTHEN lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a key figure in the improvised music scene. He also belongs to a unique lineage of European guitarists who are constantly seeking new ideas, concepts, energy, and dedication to creation. He has an exceptional personal voice. His “metaguitare”, triturated with beads foam and bows (non-exhaustive list), confuse, surprise, cajole, and expand the instrument’s range. Micro-textures, melodies, and grooves spread the word. His guitar is picked, painted, and beaten. It produces astonishing sounds through an intense, brutal, and even violent play that opens the doors to poetry and imagination. “… “… He marries futuristic sound with shinily, both rooted in the small atmosphere of a jazz guitarist. The Wire He toured Europe and Japan with various bands as both a leader and sideman. Projects and concerts with Barry Guy, Gerry Hemingway. Sylvie Courvoisier. Jacques Demierre Banz Oester. Hans Koch. Joke Lanz. Michel Wintsch. Adama Drame. Roberto Viscaino. Kenny Wheeler. He teaches guitar at both the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, and the Professional Jazz School in Geneva. As a leader and co-leader, he has released 31 albums. {Some festivals with his presence are: India: New Delhi Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Mumbai (Bombay) Japan: Yokohama Yokohama Jazz Festival, Modern Art Museum, Tokyo; Belgium: Brussels Belga Jazz Festival; European New Jazz Festival Brussels; Roumania: Festival of contemporary music Sibiu n; Poland: Festival of Contemp.Music Warschau; Switzerland: Montreux Jazz Festival, Stravinsky Hall; Jazzfestival AMR Geneva; Schaffhausen Jazz Festival; Jazzfestival11 # Lausanne; Festival de la Cite Lausanne; Amplitudes La Chaux-de-Fonds Festival; Moods Zurich; Austria: Vienna Porgy and Bess; Spielboden Dornbirn; Paris: Moments Chavires, Sunset, Duc des Lombards; Holland: Bimhuis, Amsterdam; Paradox Tilburg; Spain: Sevilla Worldexpo.|His presence is noted at the following festivals: India: New Delhi Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Mumbai, Bombay; Japan: Yokohama Yokohama Jazz Festival and Modern Art Museum, Tokyo; Belgium; Brussels Belga Jazz Festival and European New Jazz Festival Brussels; Switzerland: Montreux Jazz Festival and Stravinsky Hall; Jazzfestival11 # Lausanne, Festival de la Cite Lausanne, Amplitudes La Chaux-de-Fonds Festival and Moods Zurich, Paradox Tilburg, Amsterdam; Holland: Bimhuis Tilburg, Amsterdam; Paradox Tilburg and Paradox Tilburg} from

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