Visitor 2035

VISITOR 2035 was a band that existed in the UK. It featured John Mason, an Irishman, and Craig Pruess, an American who has been living in the UK since 1973. Mason is well-known as a member the Irish top-notch band FRUUP. Pruess performed alongside Mike Oldfield and made arrangements for music by Sarah Brightman, Def Leppard, and Massive Attack, among others. Ray Deefholts was a guitarist, and Nigel Robinson (percussion). Peter Stroud was a bass player. Mason was on keyboards and Pruess played the trumpet. The band released ‘Cain! The band released ‘Cain! VISITOR 2035’s music is heavily rooted into fusion on the WEATHER RPORT side. There are omnipresent symphonic components and eerie spacey keys textures. This album is recommended for fans of music that moves beyond the fusion realm as well as all music lovers. From

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