Vitali T (vitali Tkachenka)

The rock fusion world’s brightest stars are those who keep the music moving forward while being aware of the past. Vitali Tkachenka is a perfect example of this. Vitali, a native Belarusian, began his formal music training with Yuri Dzmitrieu (Ethno-Trio Trio Troitsa), who is widely respected. Vitali was exposed to and deeply influenced by musicians like Eric Clapton and Steve Val, Al Di Meola and Eric Johnoson under Dzmitrieu. Vitali is a natural at combining diverse elements. Vitali pays tribute to his musical roots, while pushing the boundaries of music. This allows him to take us on a musical adventure. His rock fusion music approach is inspiring. He pays equal attention to writing, playing, and composing. His songs are a mix of traditional and modern sounds. Vitali takes advantage of the opportunity to immerse himself in new musical tastes. Vitali Tkachenka, a professional Belarusian guitarist, was working at the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar, Vitebsk in 2004. He offered to study with Vladimir Tkachenko. Tkachenko is a well-known two-hand tapping technique. Vitali was exposed to the two-hand tapping technique and began to incorporate it into their own playing style. Vladimir was able to expose Vitali to the two-hand tapping technique. Vitali also became more interested in the music of Stanley Jordan, Larry Carlton and Chick Corea. Vitali studied music and guitar at the Institute of Modern Knowledge after his experiences in Vitebsk. Vitali was a successful student and was promoted to private instructor of guitar in 2005-2006. Vitali was featured in a Belarusian radio broadcast of The Renaissance of Guitar. Vitali was also developing his sound and performing career during this period. Vitali developed a love for great classical composers like Franz Liszt and Antonio Vivaldi at this time. This musical influence gained popularity through experimental electronic sounds, such as jazz, rock, or arrangements for musicals. Vitali decided to not become a professional musician as his predecessors did. Instead, Vitali left his hometown to study music and guitar. Vitali moved to the United States from Belarus in 2006 to study guitar at AIM. Vitali graduated as an honor student from AIM because of his dedication and focus. He was inspired by musicians like Nite Drake, Randy Hoexter and Steve Rieck. Vitali’s musical vision has been influenced by each of these artists. Vitali’s 2009 single, “Fly Away”, was released by Vitali. Vitali’s debut solo album “Sides”, released in July 2011, under Vitali T Project. Vitali published “Modern Scales Concepts”, a book on the subject, in 2011 (Atlanta Institute of Music).

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