Vivian Buczek

Vivian Buczek was a Malmoe, Sweden native with Polish roots. She graduated from Malmoe Academy of Music in 2003. She began performing and recording while she was still in school and is now a leading jazz singer in Sweden. She is a gifted jazz singer with a great sense of the idiom. She has performed with many international and Swedish celebrities. Vivian Buczek’s fourth solo album Curiosity has been released. She has created an engaging and curious jazz experience using ingenious arrangements with Martin Sjostedt’s Trio, who supports Vivian’s stunning vocals in a highly refined, docile, and dynamic manner. This album features a mix of jazz standards as well as new original compositions that incorporate influences from RnB and latin, and are influenced by Vivian and other contemporary composers. Vivian and his trio take a wild, but natural, approach to jazz that creates an interesting fusion of today’s jazz. Vivian is also a member of the well-known vocal quartet Jazz Vocal Unit, which consists of four top Swedish jazz musicians, Viktoria Tulstoy Vivian Buczek, Vivian Thuresson and Peter Asplund. This group performs a variety of shows, including solo, duet, and vocal quartet performances, accompanied by a pianotrio featuring Claes Crona and Mattias Skvensson. Visit

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