Vlad Girshevich

Vlad Girshevich was a talented musician like many others. He began playing the piano at age 4 and was able to play pop songs using both his left and right hands by age 7. His mother saw his talent and invited him to audition for The Uspenski School of Music. He was accepted at this prestigious school that has produced many well-known musicians, including Aleksey Sultanov. The school was located in Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan). Vlad spent eleven years studying classical music there. His instructors disapproved of his experimentation with jazz in 11th grade. Vlad spent two years at Tashkent State Conservatory after Uspenski. His family then emigrated to America in the mid-90s. His first gigs were with the Nina Storey band in Boulder. After moving to Aspen, he had a 5 year-long gig at The Little Nell Hotel. Herbie Hancock saw Vlad at an Aspen event and invited him to the Thelonious monk Institute at Jazz Aspen/Snowmass. Vlad has been a resident of Denver since 1989. He has been involved with many projects in Denver, including AOA, 5 Points Jazz Festival, Vail Jazz Festival, Windham Chamber Festival, Rostov-on-Don Jazz Festival, and others. Ernie Watts and Karen Briggs have all performed with him. Vlad also played at Thelonious Monk Institute with Jerry Gonzales, Arturo Sandoval and the legendary drummer Horacio “El Negro”. Vlad’s song “Tomorrow” was named one of the Top 5 finalists in The 2012 Great American Song Contest (instrumental) and received Honorable Mention at The International Songwriting Competition. Aleks Girshevich was his son and the drummer. They recorded it last year on an album with the same title. Aleks was only 10 years old. It is said that the Aleks Girshevich piano trio, The Aleks Girshevich, “evokes an ambience reminiscent of classical chamber musical; there is colorful intimacy and artful phrasing, careful attention to texture, nuance Vlad’s remarkable piano artistry is constantly in conversation with David Arend’s innovative double bass work, Aleks ties them together with prodigious skill, and a multi-layered rhythmic idea. Bass Players United described Vlad as a “thrilling, adventurous talent”. Vlad is highly sought after as a soloist and as a member of jazz trios or quartets. from http://vladgirshevich.com

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