Voodoo Dogs

VOODOO DOGS is the brainchild of Bob Ward, guitarist and recording engineer. It combines the best of jazz and funk to create an intoxicating drink. Larry Goldings plays an important role in the presentation and performance of the music, which can be heard on the B-3 organ as well as the electric piano or synthesizers. These songs are not only danceable, but they’re also very entertaining to listen to. Cuts such as “Uganda”, “Spellbound”, and “Spellbound”, have a “world music” attitude and feature Ward’s tape loops and samples. The track “You Dig” features Joe Locke as vibist, and many other tracks feature horns to add flavor to the core groove. Ward and Goldings make a compelling case for intelligent electronic use. They manage to pull off VOODOO DOG without any hint of the sterile commercialism that often plagues contemporary jazz. This music is good for the feet and your brain. From www.jazzreview.com

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