Wagner Tiso

Wagner Tiso Veiga (Tres Pontas, MG 12/12/1945) is a Brazilian musician and arranger, conductor. He also plays the piano and composes. Tiso was born with ancestry in the ancient Lusitanian aristocracy on the paternal (Correia De Figueiredo) and Gypsy descent on the maternal (Tiso). He studied music theory with Paulo Moura, as well as specialized keyboards. In 1964, he was part of the Sambacana group and two years later, he went to work alongside the old master. He was a frequent companion to many artists, including Maysa, Ivon Cury and Marcos Valle. He joined Sound Imagination in 1970, which accompanied Milton Nascimento’s shows. Clube da Esquina member, soon achieved international success, performing in Athens, Montreux and following not only Milton, but also Flora Purim and Airto Moreira. In the 1970s, made arrangements to entertain Gonzaguinha and Paulo Moura, Johnny Alf (MPB-4), Dominguinhos, Milton, and other performers. Wagner is the son Francisco Ribeiro Veiga, Walda Tiso, maternal grandson and great-grandson to Ana Euphrosyne de Figueiredo and Clara Ribeiro (Pimenta da Veiga). Ana Euphrosyne, the daughter of Captain Francisco Garcia de Figueiredo’s cousin Maria Teresa de Figueiredo was also a paternal grandchild of Captain Diego Garcia, the Cruz Innocence Constancia de Figueiredo as well as the maternal grandchild of Joao Rodrigues de Figueiredo Felicia Cana. Felicia Constance and Innocence were sisters. They were daughters of Captain Joseph Mor Alvares de Figueiredo, founder of Good Hope – Maria Vilela, and the Holy Spirit, the eyelet granddaughter Julia Mary Of Charity. Ethnicity. Wagner Tiso Veiga was married twice. The first time with Silvia Costa, India had a daughter Indira Tiso Da Costa Veiga. The second time was with Gisele Goldoni with whom she had Joana Goldoni Tiso. He has been married to Fernanda Farina since 2007. Side: It is a cousin to many personalities, including: Antonio Aureliano Chaves de Mendonca and Carlos Eduardo Figueiredo Ferraz. Esther Figueiredo Ferraz. Jose Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz Fatima Freire. Geraldo Freire da Silva. Morvan Acaiaba aloysius de Resende. Newton Freire Maia. Ricardo Gumbleton Daunt. Selton Mello. From discogs

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