Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Lawrence Tisdale (1964 – May 15, 2009). Wayman Tisdale was 44 years old when he died on May 15th 2009. He was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame last year. Wayman Tisdale was a former NBA player and jazz musician. In February 2007, he fell at his Los Angeles home, breaking his right leg. Tisdale had knee-replacement surgery. He was able to resume touring with his jazz band after the procedure. However, he decided to have the amputation in order to prevent the cancer from returning. Tisdale, a native Oklahoman, was the second selection in the 1985 NBA Draft. In his 12 seasons with the NBA, Tisdale averaged 15.3 points per game and 6.1 rebounds each. He played for the Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings, as well as the Phoenix Suns. His greatest season was 1989-1990 when he averaged 22.3 ppg and 7.5 rebounds per game with the Kings. Tisdale quit the NBA in 1997 and started his jazz career. Eight albums have been released, including Rebound, his most recent album. This news about Tisdale’s amputation is another surprising story about a former NBA player. It comes one day after the tragic death of Kevin Duckworth, a two-time All Star. Duckworth was on a visit to Oregon Coast to assist with a clinic for the Portland Trail Blazers. If there’s one thing Wayman Tisdale, a former NBA star turned-musical genius, learned from his past career it is that hard work can’t be replaced. He was a beloved and consistent player throughout his 12 years with the league. His towering stature, extraordinary strength, and unwavering work ethic made him one the game’s most dominant power forwards. Tisdale continues to live and breathe this work ethic as an artist. He is true to his character and a pioneer in music, using the bass as a melody-leading instrument. This single-minded drive is what propels the bassist forward as he creates Way Up, which he considers to be his most ambitious and mature CD yet. He hopes to take listeners with him. Way Up will see Tisdale at the top musically. It will be released by Rendezvous Entertainment in July 2006. Rendezvous Entertainment was founded by Dave Koz, a saxophone player. Tisdale’s Way Up album continues to showcase the same musical talents that earned him his first five albums in Billboard Top Ten. Tisdale’s latest album features 11 songs that show how he has grown as an artist over the past 12 years. He says that this album has helped him grow up. As a basketball player, I grew up and took more control over this album. I also gained the confidence to make this album on my own. Tisdale and Dave Koz were discussing options at dinner when the title was born. Way Up features collaborations with Koz Eric Benet and Bob James, Kirk Whalum Jonathan Butler, Kirk Whalum and Jeff Lorber. This album is Tisdale’s dream come true. Tisdale says it was great to work with Dave on My Son again. It was an honor to work with Dave on this song, as we are such good friends. Tisdale is particularly excited about his version, Get Down On It. It was produced by Darren Rahn who also produced Tisdale’s last hit, Aint no Stoppin Us Now. Remaking classics like these can be difficult, he says, as people are so familiar. We came up with a new approach on Get Down on It, and people are raving about it. The soulful Sundays best features Jonathan Butler and Kirk Whalum, label-mates. This one is full of love! As we play together, our spirits are intertwined. They are part of the Rendezvous All Stars tour this year. Tell It Like it TIS is a track by George Duke, a funk legend. The R

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