Wayne Bergeron

Wayne Bergeron has a successful career as one the most sought-after musicians around the globe. He is busy in Los Angeles as well as internationally touring, studio sessions, film dates and jazz concerts. Bergeron was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1958. He moved to Los Angeles as a child and considers himself a California native. He started out on French Horn, but switched to trumpet when he was seven years old. This allowed him to develop a natural ability in the upper register. Bergeron attributes his ability to work and his talents to his high school and junior high teachers, Ron Savitt, and Bob Smith. In 1986, Maynard Ferguson’s band hired Bergeron to be the lead trumpet player. Bergeron can also be heard on Maynard Ferguson’s 1986 recordings of “Body and Soul,” Big Bop Nouveau,” and “Brass Attitude.” Bergeron is also credited as a sideman on many of Maynard Ferguson’s recordings. His credits include “Brass Attitude,” “Brass Attitude”, and “The One and Only Maynard Ferguson.” Beyonce, Barbara Streisand and Michael Buble are just a few of the other names.

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