Wendy Kirkland

Wendy began her musical journey at the age of 8 when she took piano lessons. She was awarded a scholarship by Derbyshire Music to pay for all of her lessons. She also continued to study ABRSM piano. Wendy switched to jazz as an adult and became a pianist in dance classes, as well as an accompanist for singers and a keyboardist in clubs. Bill McCreath, a great friend and guitarist convinced Wendy to sing. She learned how to connect with people through songs, which helped her to overcome some of the pitfalls inherent in instrumental jazz. Wendy has been compared to Blossom Dearie, with hints Diana Krall. Her influences include Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, as well as Wynton Kelly, Wynton Evans, Wynton Kelly, Wynton Kelly, Wynton Kelley, Wynton Kelly, Wynton Peterson and Chick Corea. Piano Divas is a tribute to female jazz pianists; Organik Fource, a hammond organ jazz ensemble featuring Pat Sprakes as guitarist and guest saxophonist; Organik Trio Goes To The Movies; and The Organik Cookbook which celebrates the early soul-jazz albums by George Benson. Wendy is married to Pat Sprakes, a jazz guitarist and bass player. They met at a gig by chance and have been making music ever since. from https://wendykirkland.com

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