Xhol Caravan

XHOL was among the first bands to participate in the send of 60s and the launch of Krautrock Germany. Their music is not easily categorised. Their roots are rhythm’n blues and soul music. Their second album, “electrip”, was their breakthrough album. It is a unique fusion of free jazz and psychedelic rock. Their jazz rock is very dynamic and can often be compared to SOFT MACHINE’s spirit of the psychedelic Soul. XHOL’s unique use of electronic instruments and manipulations makes them stand out. The band continues their musical journey with “Electric”, two fantastic and completely free jazz rock albums. For jazz and fusion lovers, “Hau Ruk”, dominated by cool and endless improvisations, is a must-have. The landmark album, Motherf**kers GmbH, was recorded in 1972. Each composition has its own emotions, sometimes with powerful blues, jazz, and kraut elements. This album emphasized a second, more fascinating aspect of XHOL’s musical universe: experimental organ work and psych/ folk interludes. The last album is closer to Krautrock’s mesmerizing musical themes. It is more twisted, spacey, and devoted to the avant-garde. XHOL’s influence is evident on a number of prog bands in Germany and on free-rock music fans in general. bio by discogs.com

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