Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues was created by Ravid Kahalani, a vocalist. It combines music from Yemen and West Africa with modern grooves like funk and mambo as well as the deep soulfulness of old chants. Yemen Blues is a multi-faceted musical ensemble that uses percussion, ouds, horns and strings to create a rich and varied aural experience. It’s both timeless and contemporary. Itamar Borochov, Omer Avital and Ravid Kahalani are the core of this collective. Yemen Blues draws on a variety of influences, and the ensemble can be seen navigating from the joyful to the tragic, from joyous celebrations to bitter balladry. The horns blaze with energy, the percussion creates rhythmic textures and the oud plays subtle melodies. Yemen Blues is an engaging and entertaining live band in modern music. Yemen Blues performed for captivated audiences all over the world in 2011. The band is also being noticed by top musicians around the globe. Matisyahu’s new record Spark Seeker will feature Ravid’s distinctive voice. It is due out July 17th via Fallen Sparks Records. From facebook

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