Yesterdays New Quintet

Madlib decided to move away from hip-hop music in 2001 by releasing Angles without Edges, his first Yesterdays New Quintet album. Yesterday’s New Quintet is a Jazz-based, hip hop and Electronic-influenced quintet made up of four fictitious characters, Ahmad Miller, Monk Hughes, Malik Flavors, Joe McDuphrey; and Madlib under his real name, Otis Jackson Jr. Madlib has continued to record other albums under the different guises of YNQ members, including 2002’s tribute to Stevie Wonder, Stevie, 2004’s tribute to Weldon Irvine, A Tribute to Brother Weldon, Joe McDuphrey Experience, and other singles and EPs released only on vinyl. You can also access user-contributed text under the Creative Commons By–SA License.

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